How to take better pictures of your kids

As moms, we all know this feeling: we gasp--this is just the -cutest- moment and we just have to capture it! So we grab the camera, snap the picture, and take a look at the screen. Ugh. Somehow the camera just didn't capture what we saw or what we had in mind. Oh well, at least we have the picture right?


But what if we didn't have to settle? What if there was an easy way to get the photos we really want of our kids? I've found the solution!

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Thoughts for the anxious heart

I live between two conflicted traits: on one side I'm too likely to trust and on the other side I don't trust at all. The result is often that I'm wary of trusting those I love the most--just in case. In my walk with Christ, this causes the most tension because on one side I trust . . . but on the other I'm wary and I like to keep my just-in-case options open. Can you identify?

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Finding hope in the story you didn't want

Unexpected. That sums up so much of life, doesn't it? It seems we are always doing and planning, and then life shifts and we find ourselves unexpectedly changing course. Sometimes these changes in course are the very things we've always wanted. Other times, these course changes hand you the blank pages to a story you didn't want to write. How do we find hope in those cases?

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