You won’t find perfection here, but you will find authenticity. I value authenticity because I find life is far too busy and exhausting to maintain the façade of perfection. I mean, some days I find myself lucky to apply a little make-up!

Let’s be honest here, if you are struggling to find a moment to brush your teeth, apply cosmetics, or shower, you probably don’t have time to erect a wall and paint a mural of perfection to cover the messy bits of life either.

The good news is, that is ok!

Throughout Scripture we are confronted with the imperfection of people just like us. We are confronted with the realities of life, with the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. We are confronted by successes and failures, by beauty and scars, by humans living in a fallen world. Most of all, we are confronted by the love of God—the God who dares to pursue us in all of our downright ugly moments.

Authentic (aw-then-tik)


  1. not false or copied; genuine; real (as defined by

I challenge you to live a life of authenticity. It isn’t always easy—and believe me, I struggle just as much as anyone in this area! But, I also know that the relationships I value the most are those in which I am just . . . myself. After all, if someone is friends with the image of me that I project, are they truly friends with me?

I’ve learned that in motherhood, you need relationships with other mommas who will allow you to be real and who will be real with you. When you find yourself lost in laundry or crying in the closet, you need a momma who has been there and understands. Who won’t judge you for imperfection, but will extend a hand and tell you it’ll all be ok.

I can project an awesome image of myself; but the truth is, I am not the fairy momma of all-togetherness.

No, you won’t find perfection in me . . . but you will find a momma striving to do her best, all to the glory of God. Will you join me? Will you dare to let some walls down? To be authentic? To be real? To be . . . you?

Be encouraged,