God Speaks Momma

In the last two years, I’ve learned that God speaks fluent momma—it is the language of a busy mom who has little uninterrupted time to devote to her King. As I sat down to eat (or more appropriately, "devour") my lunch before my boys resumed their demands, I decided to grab my Bible and spend a little time in the Word. Of course, in the back of my mind I thought "I have only 5, maybe 10 minutes here if I am lucky . . . God probably can't work with that." 

Have you been there?

As I sat down, I decided to take the "super spiritual approach" and pick a Psalm at random {you know you’ve done it too!}. I opened to Psalm 91 and to my amazement the Lord showed me more in 5 minutes than I could have found in hours worth of study.

As my free time came to a close, I realized that God speaks momma--He can work with the spare minutes we are allotted by our tasks. Yes, we should keep from being so busy that we have no time for the Lord, but He also realizes the demands our children and daily tasks place upon us.

My challenge for you today is to take what spare minutes or seconds you have and allow the Lord to speak to your heart--He is ready, willing, and speaks fluent momma.

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