Motherhood Made Me Say It!

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I admit it, I’ve said some pretty funny, crazy, and bizarre things. My alibi? Motherhood. Yes, motherhood made me say it.

Have you ever had a “did that really just come out of my mouth” moment? I’m not talking about the things your mother said that you promised you would never say { . . . and you said it yesterday all the same}, I am talking about the downright funny, strange things that come out of your mouth all in the name of motherhood.

The other day, I giggled after telling my two year old to just let his brother eat a sock. I don’t typically encourage my children to eat socks—there was context behind it—but was still rather comical to hear the sentence escape my lips! You see, my 7 month old is teething and consequently putting anything and everything he can find into his mouth. He also has quite a strong grasp, a hot temper, and the ability to cry forever if he wants to. If you need to take something from him, you make sure you need to take it from him. He had taken off his sock and was contentedly chewing on it—no harm, no fowl—except to his by-the-books older brother who stepped in to remove the sock. In an effort to save both Gideon and myself from the wrath of Micah, I encouraged Gideon to just let his little brother eat the sock.

Once while enjoying an evening with adult friends, I referred to myself as mommy. As in, “Well that was silly of mommy” . . . I think it is safe to say I desperately needed adult company that night.

One night I asked my husband if he could hear the moo-ing noise coming from my breast pump. He thought I was crazy. In my defense though, I’ve talked to other moms and there is a general consensus—breast pumps have minds of their own and they do talk in the middle of the night . . .

My latest and greatest: having to tell my oldest that we do not use soda to brush our teeth. I gave him a little cup of soda and turned around to see him dunking his toothbrush in it and proceeding to brush his teeth. I never thought this fact would need explaining, especially to my by-the-books child!

If you have one of these moments today, take a minute to giggle at the things motherhood makes us say! Laughter is great medicine and it can go a long way on the draining days you find yourself encouraging children to eat socks. While you are laughing, don’t forget to hug the little person inspiring all the craziness.

Have you had a “Motherhood made me say it!” moment recently?

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