The Supermom Mentality: I can be enough


The Supermom Mentality: I can be enoughThe supermom mentality says that we must do it all, be it all, save it all. If we can just do x, y, and z perfectly, continuously, and without fault we will never have to deal with {insert your personal mom fear}. If we are just good enough, devoted enough, prepare enough healthy meals, breastfeed long enough, cut enough chemicals, mother perfectly enough . . . then our fears will never come to pass. Can we be real with each other?

We will never be enough.

There is a good possibility we will have enough of something or someone {ahem, I’ve had enough of a certain toddler fake whining today}, but we will never measure up to the standard of being enough.


Because, well, enough is never enough. You can never be enough, do enough, or say enough. You, as a human being, do not have the capacity or the capability to be enough—you weren’t designed to!

Enough is meaningless and powerless—enough does not direct the course of your life, or your child’s life for that matter. Enough is not all-knowing or all powerful, it cannot provide that which we truly desire: control.

I will never cook enough healthy, organic meals to ensure my children will never get cancer.

I will never be a good enough mom to ensure I never leave my children with some emotional baggage.

I will never keep my children safe enough to ensure tragedy never strikes.

I will never know enough to ensure I won’t make a mistake in regards to their well-being.

I can never do enough . . . to make sure my children always have me here.

Do you feel that weight, dear momma friend? That is the burden of enough. Has it bruised your back and shoulders for long enough? Are you ready to release the burden of being enough?

Momma, it is time to recognize that the promises of enough are empty, hollow, meaningless. It is a chasing after the wind—utter futility. Enough is an idol that delights in taking our focus off the only One who truly is enough . . . Jesus Christ.

I cannot do or be enough, and it is time to stop trying. Enough promises control over that which I fear, but all it delivers is a heavy weight upon my shoulders.

It is time to trust in the One who really is enough. The One who created all there is, who formed my children in my womb, who loves them more than I. The One who truly knows their future and who guides their every step. The One who promises to walk with them and whispers to my heart ". . . do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." (Isaiah 41:10)

The Supermom Mentality: I can be enough

I cannot be enough, I am not enough. I am not . . . but I know the great I AM.

Dear momma friend, if you struggle with the burden of enough, may this song minister to you. The One who holds the future, holds you {and your family} in His hand. Will you release the burden of being enough and rest in the hand that holds it all?

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