The Things That Matter (Guest Post)

The Things That Matter is a guest post written by Harriet. I've been so blessed to know her for several years. We have never met face-to-face, but her kindness and words of wisdom have extended across the many states separating us and have ministered to me on many occasions. May her post minister to you today!

At three o’clock in the afternoon, I dejectedly gaze out my dining room window. The front yard is ragged with the neglect caused by little time and even less money. The dishes are only half finished and dinner preparations loom ahead. The floors beg to be vacuumed, the laundry taunts me from its expanding borders, and my aching lower back dictates that great care must be taken in any chore I undertake.

I have a choice. I can sigh in discouragement because it seems I can never get anything done OR . . . I can take great joy in the moment and the REASON why every task is unfinished.

My smile cradles the diamonds of grateful tears as I reach for my precious 22-month old daughter and take her to my heart. For this moment all she wants is me. ME! She cares not that my hair hasn’t been brushed since yesterday. Her view of our world is not marred by the flecks of dirt freckling our window. Her only concern is that I hug her tightly! And hug her I do, for soon treasures like these will be found only in the chest of my memories. My beautiful baby will, like me, grow up to cuddle her own babies. I will then have time to make the house sparkle in a vain attempt to keep my arms from aching for the soft warmth of her tiny body.

So, for these fleeting moments I cast aside the burden of unending housework and snuggle this cherished gift from God ~ kissing her often, drinking in her sweet scent, her twinkling eyes, her wispy hair . . . her. And I silently whisper a prayer of thanks to my Lord for the gift we named Hosanna.

Contributor Bio

Birthing their first child at age 32, Harriet has been a stay-at-home mother and grandmother throughout the past 28 years, homeschooling many of those years.  Though plagued by chronic back pain she gave birth at 36 to a son, Aaron, who is now married and the father of a 19-month old son.  Their third child, Melody, was her “40th Birthday” gift from the Lord.  All are adults now, but Harriet still gets the pleasure of the daily love of a small child.  Because of the health consequences of drugs and surgeries to survive cancer, Hosanna and her born-during-chemo “micro preemie” daughter, now 8-years old, live with Harriet and Rick.  And yes, her “beautiful baby” did grow up and by God’s mercy she is still alive to cuddle her own baby!

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