Healing Mom: My Diastasis Recti Story (week 1 update)

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Hurray! I've completed the first week of the MuTu System! Well, mostly. I promised honesty in this series, so I will let you know that I did miss a couple days do to a stomach bug that took out my toddler and I. Life happens . . .

Other than that little hiccup though, I really enjoyed this first week of learning what muscles I am *supposed* to be using, adjusting my alignment, and beginning to strengthen my core!

After this first week, I've noticed:

  • My lower back hasn't bothered me (except for the day I spent in bed sick . . . it did bother me that day!). I noticed a difference right after completing the first core exercises. I'm excited about this since I've ended up on a heating pad every night for the last several weeks due to lower back pain . . . even after getting chiropractic care.
  • I am much more aware of my alignment and how I should be positioning my body. Do I get it right all the time? Nooooooooooooooooooooo . . . it's a work in progress! Re-training the body and strengthening the right muscles takes time. The "Science Class" videos in the MuTu system were especially helpful in this department. I knew my posture and alignment was bad, but I will confess that even what I thought was a correct posture was wrong (no wonder whenever I tried to adjust my alignment & posture it was uncomfortable!).
  • It isn't perfect, but my *improved* posture and alignment is starting to feel normal. If I slip back into poor alignment, I notice fairly soon after. I never did before.
  • My core muscles are getting stronger. It did take a few days to find the right muscles and begin doing the exercises correctly (and I am still working on a couple), but I am noticing an improvement from day 1 to day 7.

What I am loving about the MuTu System:

  • It's enjoyable. Crazy, huh? Here I thought I needed one of those programs that promises to bring you to death's door and back, but I actually needed to give my core a little TLC. Since I've spent time working HARD and trying not to die while using other workout programs, MuTu is a breath of fresh air! Now, when I can begin the workouts the MuTu System includes (hopefully during week 3, but I may need to wait depending on my remaining diastasis recti gap), those do look intense (they're called intensives after all!), but not in the "You're going to die!" sense. I think the intensives will actually energize me, rather than leave me completely drained like other programs (but I guess I'll know for sure in a couple weeks!).
  • Wendy takes a very gentle, loving approach. She doesn't lord over you the fact that your core is weak and you're out of shape. It's like inviting a trusted friend into your home to help you. Plus, you have to love her British accent!
  • In the videos, Wendy is wearing clothing. Again, crazy, huh? She wears yoga pants and a workout-type tank top, so tight yes, but it's far more clothing than most programs include. Since I personally prefer not to have sports-bra and shortie-shorts clad women on my tv and computer screen when my family is around, this is a huge plus to me. I feel very comfortable turning on the MuTu videos with my family around. And Gidget loves to do them with me (he is getting really good at squats!).
  • You don't need a lot of equipment; in fact, you can get by with household items (e.g. pillows, books, book bags, etc.) and Wendy lists alternatives if you don't happen to have something. You can either make do with what you have, purchase the kit MuTu System put together for you so you have everything, or just pick up what you'd like to have. I did decide to buy a medicine ball and a set of stretch bands to make the program a little more convenient, but a pillow and a baby blanket were working just fine before that for the exercises.

So to sum everything up, I really like the MuTu System so far and I am very happy I purchased it.

On to the weekly update picture!

Now, I will not be posting bare stomach photos in this series. I'm not ashamed, I simply don't want my naked belly all over the internet and much of my audience is conservative. Any improvements in my mummy tummy will be very visible through clothing.

Below are my pictures from today after the conclusion of week 1, as well as my pictures from before I started the MuTu System. I have done my best to keep everything the same.  I do see a slight difference between them, but any difference this week I would chalk up to weight lost during the aforementioned stomach bug and the post-holiday detox our family is doing. Under the skin though, I can feel definite muscle changes and I'm looking forward to completing week 2!

Ready to take back your core? I am! Follow my journey as I work to heal my diastasis recti!
Follow my journey as I reclaim my core and heal my diastasis recti using the MuTu System!

Oh, and another confession: I am supposed to be taking a walk everyday as part of the program . . . but it's below 20 degrees here and there is snow . . . so I haven't ;-) But, I am on my feet walking through the house cleaning and such most of the day. Once it warms up though I will be walking!

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Did/do you have a diastasis recti?

{Note: this post contains affiliate links--it's how this SAHM is able to contribute to our household finances! If you make a purchase from one of my links, I'll receive a small commission at no added cost to you! Win-win! Read my full disclosure policy here.}