15 Things I've Told my Son {and you've probably told yours too}


Gidget has had a few days here recently in which he just hasn't listened to a word I say. Which in turn means that I've been repeating myself endlessly in the vain hope that he will start listening {it's a viscous cycle, isn't it?}. So after the up-teenth time of telling him to put his clothes back on, I got to thinking about all the random things I have to tell him frequently-- and here they are for your amusement! {fair warning: if you have issues with bodily functions boys invent new ways of handling, just stop reading here and go on about your day like nothing happened ;-) }

15 Things I've Told my Son {and you've probably told yours too}

1. What are you eating? {and why are you eating it?}

2. Don't pee into a sippy cup. {who knew that needed to be said}

3. Yes, that is a GIANT poop, great job buddy. {funniest insult I've ever heard thrown between boys: "Oh yeah? Well you only poop little Lincoln logs!" Ouch, that one hurt}

4. Why are you naked? {amazing how quickly they can strip}

5. Get that out of your mouth! {usually followed by mom shuddering at the grossness}

6. Why are you naked again? {seriously!}

7. Don't beat up mommy, go play rough with daddy! {daddy loves this one}

8. Don't pee in the yard. {oye}

9. Yes, it was a front-end loader that just went by. {how much do I love you? let me count the number of vehicles, tractors, and construction equipment I've learned the names of just for you.}

10. Don't pee in a bucket. {again, who knew this would need to be addressed?}

11. The toilet is not for toys. {what's so hard about using the toilet for its designated purpose?}

12. Fine! Pee in the yard. {what is the fascination with peeing everywhere but the toilet?}

13. Don't pee on your sibling {ok, this hasn't actually happened yet, but I have a feeling it's coming}

14. Yes, she is very pretty. {let me tell you, you're never quite prepared for the day your toddler sees a little girl and calls her pretty!}

15. I love you so much buddy {and I can't imagine my world without you}!

I'd love to hear some of the things you are endlessly telling your son, comment below or start a conversation on my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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