Does the MuTu System Work?

Can I heal my diastasis recti?

Does the MuTu System work?

Will I really get results following the MuTu System?

Those are just a few of the questions I had when I found out I had a four-finger width diastasis recti gap. If you're in that spot, I know what it's like to be there.

But, I also know what it feels like to reach the other side--to heal diastasis recti and build a strong core! Are you ready to reach the other side too?

Back when I purchased the MuTu System, there wasn't a ton of information or reviews so I decided to compile my experience with the MuTu System to help other women dealing with diastasis recti. You can find the original series on diastasis recti and the MuTu System here. But in order to simplify your life, this post will contain my MuTu System review. 

{This post contains affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase, I'll make a small commission at no cost to you! And then I will go buy coffee ;-) As always, this post contains my honest opinion.} 

For my background story, I've given birth to two awesome little boys, one in 2012 and the other in 2014. After my firstborn, my stomach never really went back to "normal", but I also didn't expect it to so I didn't think much of it.

But after nearly a year had gone by after giving birth to my second and I still looked pregnant, my mummy-tummy was on my mind a lot. I worked hard to tone and flatten my stomach again--think tons of crunches and ab work--but I got no results. Nothing. Zip. Nada. My stomach was as big and preggo-looking as ever. Boo.

So in December 2015, I stumbled upon some information on diastasis recti--and I realized that was a HUGE part of my problem. {you can read more about what a diastasis recti is in this post}

Come to find out, I had a diastasis recti gap of about 4 fingers, which is pretty big. Plus, all that work I had been doing to tone my stomach, had been doing more harm than good (click here to find out why). So yeah, I worked HARD and had only managed to do more damage. Awesome, right?

Once you find out you have it, the next question becomes how do you heal diastasis recti?

So I did a ton of research on how to start healing my diastasis recti and these factors drew me to the MuTu System:

  • No stomach binding

  • The 12 week program didn't seem as overwhelming as other programs & systems

  • MuTu focuses on healing the cause (weak core & poor posture), not just the symptom (the mummy-tummy)

  • Fitting 15-30 minutes in a day to follow to workouts and exercises seemed manageable to me as a busy mom

  • Cost: while the system was a bit of an investment, I felt it was very fair for what the program offers and what I received. Especially when you consider the cost of fuel and gym membership, an on-going subscription, or a personal trainer to guide you through this.

Click here to check out the MuTu System!

All things considered, I decided the MuTu System was right for me. So I purchased the online program and started in January.

At the start of the program, my gap was about 4-fingers wide and I was spending just about every night on a heating pad due to bad lower back pain.

By the end of Week 1 of MuTu I had noticed:

  • No lower back pain.

  • I was much more aware of my alignment. 

  • My *improved* posture and alignment is starting to feel normal. If I slipped back into poor alignment, I noticed fairly soon after. I never had before.

  • My core muscles were getting stronger. 

(read my full Week 1 post here)

By the conclusion of week 2, my gap was down to 1.5-2 fingers, which was INCREDIBLE! My lower back wasn't bothering me at all and I noticed a huge improvement in my core strength--it no longer felt like all my insides were falling out! 

I made it through about week 5 of the program before life got hectic and I fell out of my routine. These are my before and after the MuTu System photos:

Does the MuTu System work?

So being that I only officially completed 5 weeks of the program {I never got to the 5 week blog update, so I don't have a picture for that week}, how have my results stacked up long-term?

MuTu System Results

Bear in mind, I've only continued to do the core exercises sporadically and I have not lost any weight--the little pooch that's left is just remaining baby weight now that the diastasis recti is healed. My gap today is still holding at 1-1.5 finger widths and I haven't dealt with lower back pain at all! I am very happy with the results I got using the MuTu System and I highly recommend it!

UPDATE 3/6/2017 - My gap is still holding at 1-finger which is considered closed. I still sporadically do the exercises from MuTu to keep my core strong. I've also been able to take what I learned using the MuTu System and use other workout programs (such as 21 Day Fix and PiYo) without damaging or stressing my core. Win!

Here's what I love about the MuTu System

  • It’s enjoyable. Crazy, huh? Here I thought I needed one of those programs that promises to bring you to death’s door and back, but I actually needed to give my core a little TLC. Since I’ve spent time working HARD and trying not to die while using other workout programs, MuTu is a breath of fresh air! Now, the intensive workouts that begin in week 3 of the program are intense. I could hardly walk for a couple days. But it wasn't intense in the “You’re going to die!” sense. The intensives were actually energizing to me, rather than leave me completely drained like other programs {not a good thing when you're chasing after little ones}.
  • Wendy takes a very gentle, loving approach. She doesn’t lord over you the fact that your core is weak and you’re out of shape. She's not there to whip you back into shape. It’s like inviting a trusted friend into your home to help you. Plus, you have to love her British accent!
  • You don’t need a lot of equipment; in fact, you can get by with household items {e.g. pillows, books, book bags, etc.} and Wendy lists alternatives if you don’t happen to have something. You can either make do with what you have, purchase the kit MuTu System put together for you so you have everything, or just pick up what you’d like to have. I did decide to buy a medicine ball and a set of stretch bands to make the program a little more convenient, but a pillow and a baby blanket were working just fine before that for the exercises.
  • It was very easy to learn and then just do the core-routine without turning on the videos. I enjoyed just doing the exercises whenever I had a free moment without having to waste time getting the video ready.

The cons of the MuTu System:

  • The background music can be a bit annoying, but that is easily remedied with headphones and your own music.
  • The above is honestly all I've got!

All in all, I highly, highly, highly recommend the MuTu System if you are trying to heal your diastasis recti.

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But what if I had my baby a long time ago?

The MuTu System has helped both new and not-so-new moms heal their diastasis recti and develop a stronger core. It's never too late to strengthen your core!

But what if I've never had a baby? Can the MuTu System still work for me?

Absolutely! The MuTu System targets the same muscles whether you've had children or not--if you have a diastasis recti or you just want to strengthen your core MuTu can work for you. 

If you are dealing with a diastasis recti and you are ready to begin strengthening your core, I truly highly recommend the MuTu System. It definitely works!

Still thinking about it? You can find the original series of posts here.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor do I play one on my blog. Consult with your Doctor before beginning an exercise regimen. My results and the time frame they were achieved in using the MuTu System do not and cannot guarantee your results--we are all unique and healing your diastasis recti may take time.