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I had been busy working on things all morning. Several times I had brushed aside questions and requests with a "Just a minute buddy" and carried on with my list, forgetting he had made a request. But then the littlest needed some attention and as I picked him up he dropped his blanket on the floor. He's quite attached to his blankie and started crying that he had lost it. I turned to my oldest who was playing with a toy on the couch and asked him to please pick up the blanket for momma. Without skipping a beat he responded

"Just a minute momma. I'se busy playing."

Just like that he carried on playing without any eye contact, with barely an acknowledgement to my request.

And I realized he was modeling me.


How often I get caught up in my to-do list, a blog post, my news-feed, my phone, or a laundry basket and brush aside the important things for that which can wait. How often I brush aside the person standing next to me for the task at hand.

When he parroted what I had taught him, I knew this is an area I need to work on. This isn't to say that there are not times he needs to wait for me to finish something, there certainly are. But I need to work on allowing the kids and all their interruptions to take precedence over my tasks, lists, and projects.

I don't want to be the mom who continually brushes them aside.

I remember writing the following back in this post:

The dishes will wait, and long after they are done no one will remember that I took the time to clean them today. But his hurting heart won’t wait, and long after I’ve turned him away he will remember that momma had no time for him today.

I glanced to the dishes again and sighed as I gently laid the towel on the counter top. I picked him up and we snuggled in that chair.

The dishes, the laundry, and the numerous other tasks hold no eternal value, but these little moments we reflect the love of the One who first loved us do hold an eternal significance. These are the opportunities in which we can point our children to the Savior we serve.

Long after the day is over, he won’t remember that the dishes were still piled in the sink at noon, but he will remember that momma had time for him because Jesus first had time for her.

You know, I often write more for myself than I do for others and I'm reminded that this is a continual lesson I'm learning--a continual choice I have to make.

In our world of tasks, screens, and business it is so easy to be distracted. To brush them aside because what I am doing at the moment feels important--but it really isn't. Often the doing and the scrolling hold no eternal value. But my kids do.

I may not remember the downcast eyes of a hurt heart after I've brushed him aside without glancing his way, but his heart will remember.

So I'm striving again to set things aside and make time for him so he can see that I am modeling my Jesus. And as he realizes I'm striving to model my Jesus, I pray he asks Jesus to be his own too. After all, that is the minute that matters most.

Be encouraged,


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