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The thing about pearls

I’m usually an optimist and love to find something to laugh at in everything . . . but to be honest, this is a challenge. When the aches and pains begin and the waves increase it’s hard to stay positive because you don’t know how long this round will last, or how much more painful it will get. 

That speaks to so many trials in life, doesn’t it? When the waves roll in and the storm begins, you don't know how long this one is going to last . . . or how much more painful it will get before it's done.

But the Lord is always gracious and where lies whisper, His truth can and does abound. 

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Thoughts for the anxious heart

I live between two conflicted traits: on one side I'm too likely to trust and on the other side I don't trust at all. The result is often that I'm wary of trusting those I love the most--just in case. In my walk with Christ, this causes the most tension because on one side I trust . . . but on the other I'm wary and I like to keep my just-in-case options open. Can you identify?

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Footprints on my wall

Moments. Life is made up of them. Some we tuck away in our hearts for safe keeping. Some we forget in the recesses of day-in, day-out. Sometimes, it's the little things that bring them all flooding back. 

I sat tired, in an empty room within an empty house. Our belongings piled high in the moving truck, the air heavy with expectation, excitement, grief, and lots and lots of humidity. The voices below echoed through the empty walls as I sat washing footprints off grey walls. The memories flooded back and warmed my heart . . .

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Trusting God When Life Gets a Little too Crazy

Have you ever hit one of those moments in life where you begin to wonder what on earth is going on? You feel like things are spinning out of control and life is moving much faster than you'd like. Maybe you aren't really sure what direction you're heading, but you're being carried along in it anyway. 

Sometimes we just have to wonder what on earth God thinks He is doing, you know?

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