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How to take better pictures of your kids

As moms, we all know this feeling: we gasp--this is just the -cutest- moment and we just have to capture it! So we grab the camera, snap the picture, and take a look at the screen. Ugh. Somehow the camera just didn't capture what we saw or what we had in mind. Oh well, at least we have the picture right?


But what if we didn't have to settle? What if there was an easy way to get the photos we really want of our kids? I've found the solution!

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Formulas belong in math, not parenting

I think we all long for control. And as moms, we all long for that special formula that will give us the results we so long for. The little years are exhausting (can I get an amen?), but there is something in them that eases my tired heart: control.

For now, I can control their environment. I can make sure they are safe to learn, play, and grow. For now, their poor choices are easily corrected with a time out, discussion, and hug. For now, I can keep them from bad company and distract them from poor role models. For now, so much of their existence is within my control. But I fully know as time passes on the day is coming when they will exercise their own free will. And that is scary because I can't control it.

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Grace for the Momma who blew it

I wish I could tell you how all-together I have it as a mom. I wish I had some super efficient formulas, a brilliant statement, or a cleverly designed printable to solve all of motherhood's frustrations, heartbreaks, and problems. I mean, that would make life so much easier . . . for me, and for you. 

But I don't.

Haha, not even close. 

So tonight, I share the vulnerable because I want you to know, you are not alone. But beyond that, I want you to know something much more important. 

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