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We weren't meant to walk alone

I must have made quite the spectacle. Little ole' 5ft3.5in me pushing the over-sized shopping cart with two impatient boys one handed, the other hand carrying 5 large boxes while 8 unruly boxes perched precariously on the cart did their best to scatter across the parking lot . . . 

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The Ministry of Authenticity

I've watched it happen so often: a tired mom walks up to a group of mothers sitting at a table. The chit-chat continues as she sits down and glances slowly from woman to woman. As the conversation turns to more serious topics, perhaps it is her exhaustion that compels her to speak. All eyes turn to her as she tells with a catch in her voice of the trial or perceived failure she is dealing with.  

Suddenly she realizes she has opened herself up and fear lights up her eyes. The air in the room becomes momentarily thick as she waits, bracing herself, to hear the response of those around her when someone speaks up . . . 

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Don't be a Carpet

We have had an area rug in our living area since my hubby and I got married nearly 5 years ago. Sometimes it graces the boys' play area on the far side of the living room, other times we appreciate the cozy atmosphere it creates next to our couch. It has seen a lot of use, lots of play, some rough housing, and probably more than a few cups of spilled milk {as has my couch}.

Sometimes during the hottest summer months I'll roll the carpet up and store it to give the house a "cooler" feel. This summer when I rolled it up, I took it to the basement {didn't think that all the way through}. When I brought it back up last week, it had acquired a bit of a musty smell. So I borrowed a carpet cleaner from a friend and gave the carpet a well over-due cleaning.

You know, my carpet really didn't look too bad. It has some stains, but overall it looks like it did back when it adorned our first apartment. I wouldn't have necessarily described it as worn or dirty.

But it was carrying so much under the surface.

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