Footprints on my wall

Footprints on my wall

Moments. Life is made up of them. Some we tuck away in our hearts for safe keeping. Some we forget in the recesses of day-in, day-out. Sometimes, it's the little things that bring them all flooding back. 

I sat tired, in an empty room within an empty house. Our belongings piled high in the moving truck, the air heavy with expectation, excitement, grief, and lots and lots of humidity. The voices below echoed through the empty walls as I sat washing footprints off grey walls. The memories flooded back and warmed my heart . . .

I met him once as a little girl. I was laying in the snow, maybe making snow angels. He came running around the corner chasing friends and stepped on my ankle in his haste. He quickly turned around and apologized profusely. Made sure I was not hurt and helped me up. I thought he was such a nice boy. He made an impression that I never forget . . . 

Years went on, and one cold evening I nearly ran into him with a tray of dishes. I chuckled, it would be a little Disney or Hallmark-ish if I had just nearly crashed into a future spouse. He caught my eye, and I his . . .

We talked, we dated, we fell in love. We married on a brisk March morning and started life together in an upper apartment on a corner lot. We welcomed our firstborn into this world and made many memories within those tan walls. Life moved on, and so did we. We bought our first house, on another corner lot, and made it our own little corner of the world. We figured we'd grow old there . . . 

We welcomed our second child into this world and endured the intense storms of life that year. The days rolled on, and then came the rumblings of change. 

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. -Isaiah 43:19

The Lord gave us this verse to start 2016 and before we knew it, He was calling us towards a new thing. He beckoned us forward and we came, step by step not knowing quite where. Soon that house on the corner was for sale. Then it was sold. A job materialized and we were set to move a thousand miles from our little corner of the world . . .

So, there I sat. Cleaning dirty little toe prints off the empty grey walls. The walls that echoed little boy's late-night laughter. The walls little feet pounded on in play, day dreams, and likely a few temper tantrums all while lying on their beds. 


Each little footprint reminded me of little moments. The ones that have shaped us as a little family. The moments we laughed, cried, fought, and played. The moments His grace held us together, led, provided, and beckoned us towards Him.

I'm sitting in our new house on the corner now, a thousand miles away from where we began. These new walls have already contained our laughter, tears, grief, and joy.  And I can't help but remember sitting on that wooden floor, wiping away the footprints from the old grey walls, and smiling to myself. He had been there. He had blessed. He had sustained.

And in this new place with all of its challenges and blessings, He is here. 

He is always in the moments.

FaithCarrie LindquistComment