Grace for the Momma who blew it

Grace for the Momma who blew it

I wish I could tell you how all-together I have it as a mom. I wish I had some super efficient formulas, a brilliant statement, or a cleverly designed printable to solve all of motherhood's frustrations, heartbreaks, and problems. I mean really, that would make life so much easier . . . for me, and for you. 

But I don't.

Haha, not even close. 

So tonight, I share the vulnerable because I want you to know, you are not alone. But beyond that, I want you to know something much more important. 

I wrote a post defending the terrible twos a while ago; and while I still stand behind that post, we are now in the threes. And I don't know what we call the threes, but they are a little harder to defend. 

The twos were easy.

The threes however are a whole new ball-game. And I've never been good at sports.

The threes leave me frustrated often. And my son and I are so much alike, it leaves us butting heads rather frequently.

We are nearly 5 months into this thing they call the threes . . . and neither of us have it real figured out yet. 

All that to say, I blow it.


Last week we were having one of our typical head butting sessions. There was whining, and crying, and tugging at my clothes, and not listening, and falling to the floor

And on about the 15th time of asking him to repeat himself without the whining, I lost my temper and reprimanded him a bit louder and harsher than I should have. 

Hello, I am a mommy-blogger and I yell at my kids sometimes. 

{. . . back to the threes, he just slammed a door in protest for the first time, literally as I am typing. #reallifeoverhere}

And I knew right away, I had blown it. The look in his eyes told me so. 

Do you know the feeling?

Welcome to motherhood.

But you know, there is this crazy thing called grace. And though I didn't deserve his grace, love, and snuggles, this is what happened next:

Grace for the Momma who blew it

He grabbed his blanket, curled up with me, and fell asleep on my lap. 

I saw a post on social media a few weekends ago that referred to our children as "holy sandpaper". I love that idea and it is unarguably the truth.  

My marriage and my children are two of the biggest {and most uncomfortable at times} tools the Lord uses to shape me. 

And while it often hurts, I'm grateful for the lessons learned.

My little boy shows such unconditional love . . . even when I blow it and have to apologize. 

And my Jesus, He gives me grace when I blow it. And more than that, He says that His grace is sufficient and He can work really well in my weakness {2 Corinthians 12:9}.

And that is the same for you, my friend. 

There are days we are just going to blow it. But there is love. There is forgiveness. And there is grace. 

And what's more, if we can just ask in those moments, He will meet us right where we are at with enough grace for the moment. 

Grace for the Momma who blew it

And when that holy sand paper starts irritating us, we can rest assured that we are loved because He is working on us. And we'll be a little more beautiful of a vessel for Him afterwards.

If you are carrying the weight of having blown it today, know you aren't alone. We all do, it's a part of motherhood! But what is more important, is that He travels with you . . . and He promises sufficient grace for us . . . even in our weakness. All you have to do is ask.

Be encouraged, 


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