How to take better pictures of your kids

As moms, we all know this feeling: we gasp--this is the *cutest* moment and we just have to capture it! So we grab the camera, snap the picture, and take a look at the screen.

Ugh. Somehow the camera didn't capture what we saw or what we had in mind. Oh well, at least we have the picture right?

So often I've settled for "at least having the picture" and because of that I've never really liked taking pictures of my kids. Shameful, I know. 

I've snapped the pictures dutifully, and to be sure there are a handful I love, but most of them are just . . . eh.

It's not that there is anything majorly wrong with the pictures I suppose, but they feel like simple snapshots. 

They don't really capture what I saw--whether the lighting, expressions, emotions, and in the case of my oldest most of them are blurry because he never stops moving. All great for family memories, but not really pictures I'm anxious to hang on my walls or send to family, ya' know?

Well my friend, if you are right here with me, there is hope for us! In just a couple days I've learned how to take my kid's pictures from this:

To this:

I never thought I'd be able to capture an image like this one and I'm so in love with this image of my little boy it's been impossible not to share it!

As one mom to another, I've just gotta tell you what helped me take my family photos from snapshots to treasures.

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At this point, you're probably expecting something kind of complicated and rather time consuming right? Well that isn't the case at all. Let me introduce you to The Photo Fix by Schultz Photo School.

Banish the thought of boring manuals and forgettable how-to books--this is a self-paced, online course that was designed by a dad to help us parents take the photos we really want of our kids. The Photo Fix is quick and easy to work through--even as a busy mom--and it's all crazy easy to understand. Like for real.

I've tried learning about photography--and I have the books and manuals to show for it--but for some reason I just couldn't ever make it click (no pun intended). The Photo Fix honestly has the best instruction and explanations I've ever heard and I understand composition, lighting, exposure, camera operations, and editing like I have never understood it before. And it's all so much easier than I'd ever imagined!

Just a few lessons into The Photo Fix, these are some of the photos I was able to capture of my boys:

I now have a new problem . . . how do I choose which ones will go on the wall?! I'm so in love with these images! 

Is it really worth taking this class?

Yes. Absolutely.

The fact is, our family photographers aren't with us capturing life on a day-to-day basis--we are. How many keepsake photos are we missing because we just don't understand how to capture them?

And The Photo Fix makes it so crazy simple to understand exactly how to capture the images we so want of our kids whether we are shooting with our phones, a simple camera, or a DSLR. I honestly can't recommend it enough because I know from experience after just a few lessons you are going to LOVE the images you're capturing!

I also have a little surprise for you friend! By using one of my links to The Photo Fix  you will also get 41% off the course! Woohoo!

These day-to-day images are moments we definitely don't want to miss. The Photo Fix by Schultz Photo School makes it so easy and simple to take your photos from snapshots to amazing.

Stop settling for "just having the picture" and learn how to create images you simply love! Click here to check out The Photo Fix and get ready to finally love the pictures you capture!