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Where is God When Motherhood Hurts? Part 2

By now in our journey with Gator, my heart was sick. We had nothing left to give and nothing left to try. After his reaction to the impossible-to-react-to amino-acid formula at 4 months old, we started at square one and played detective. We began to put together the pieces and found he had a severe intolerance to corn and everything derived from corn—even just traces. . . 

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Where is God When Motherhood Hurts? Part 1

If we were all really honest as mothers, most of us would probably admit to wondering where God is on the hard days . . . the hard weeks . . . the hard months . . . the hard seasons. There are moments when motherhood hurts, when you are completely drained and have nothing left to give. When God seems deaf to our cries and blind to our tears. Where is God in those moments? Where is God when motherhood hurts? 

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